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St. Louis-based Ivey Amour isn't one for diaries or subtweets. Instead, the understated R&B powerhouse gets her due in the studio, where desire, angst, & remorse fuse into empowering confessionals. For Ivey, being her authentic self, even in the face of judgment, is true strength. Healing. So, you can catch her enchanting audiences near you with alluring vocals and brazen lyrics. Upbeat & emotionally-driven, her imaginative soundscapes draw listeners into her impassioned world.

Music is a lifelong venture for singer/songwriter, Ivey, mastering the piano at age 9, the flute at 12, & dabbling in guitar. As a teenager, she performed on stage for the first time at summer camp with her local arts program. The same year, Ivey performed in her school talent show. Being on stage so young - & loving it - Ivey realized her purpose. Letting her sound evolve as she's grown through the years, replaying her experiences in her head as she writes, she masterfully bridges the soulful elements of classical R&B with the staggering confidence of today's scene. But her work weaves through various styles & sounds. It allows her to stay creatively fresh, and explore universal human concepts like love & heartbreak.


Ivey's attitude toward her work drives her success in the industry. While many artists only desire fame, Ivey has a deep passion for her craft. Music is, always has been, and always will be, everything to her.


Sharing music with her friends and family has been the best part of her career so far. With their overwhelming support, Ivey Amour is focused on becoming her best self. She wakes up with ideas swimming in her head and immediately puts words to the page. Busy at work, Ivey uses her time between her courseload writing, recording, and putting in the hours in the studio. With new music slated for release this year, fans eagerly await fresh singles and her anticipated EP.


Ivey recognizes that it’s hard for people to truly understand you. Through her music, she wants to help listeners realize that this is their world, too, and they belong. Ivey is compelled to create, to reach out toward audiences, to relate to their vulnerability. She reminds others to believe in themselves. Encouraging inner strength and chill vibes, Ivey aims to lift spirits worldwide.

“I don’t think you can do something for the rest of your life without loving & appreciating it as an art.”

 - Ivey Amour

“You are strong enough to do what you want to do. If you work hard, then you can do it. That’s what I want people to hear in my music.”

- Ivey Amour

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